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James Lewis is a multidisciplinary British artist. Since the age of 16 he has been developing a plethora of creative skillsets from logo & web design to sign painting & illustration.

For the past 10 years he has shared his artistic journey on social media, accruing a massive global following, and over 1 billion total views on his content.

James graduated with a university degree in graphic design and set out as a lettering artist in 2016, working on branding & product design projects for clients around the world. He shared all of his projects on social media and became recognised for ability to create great work and engaging content.

Overtime James pivoted away from graphic design and began focusing on art, and developed the satisfying content style he is well known for today. 

In 2019 James combined his many creative skills to found the Precise art supplies company, with a goal to create the finest quality art supplies that help other artists paint as precisely as he does. 

James now exhibits his art and teaches creative workshops around the world, whilst working with the most well known companies on a range of creative projects, from: content creation and public speaking, to live mural painting, and product development.

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